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Pd Satellite Orquestra Taipei

Imagine, you never used Pd before, and also didnt know anything or at least not much about satellites – then you are in the same situations as our participants in the 2012 Playaround Workshop Series, held at Taipei National University … Continue reading

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WorkLab IX Thursday, November 15th to Sunday, November 18th, 2012

And again working on long lists of open things.

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At Playaround 2012, in the TNUA Taiwan National University of the Arts

Since Tuesday, we spend most of our time on one of the terraces of the Dance Department of TNUA, in Taipeh. Together with our participants, we have set up a nice surrounding under a huge tent. We run the “Launching … Continue reading

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mursat @ DimSumLab and @ dimension+, Hongkong Oct 2012

Jogi and I will join the people at the Hongkong Hacklab, DimSumLab to give a talk/ present recent ideas and developments around our pico satellite. Then we will join the videotage crew and again give a workshop and another talk … Continue reading

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Playaround 2012 “Space Collonisation” Taipeh Oct, 2012

Jogi and I are invited to join the Playaround series in Taipeh this fall. We will work with a similar set of possibilities as in Montreal – Satellite Fishing/Bird Spotting, and Sonifications. Check out the PA-website Playaround Taipeh

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mursat @ musikprotokoll Oct, 2012

In 2011, some of the art projects emerging from mursat, were presented in ESC im LABOR during the festival of contemporary art. This fall, we are invited to present the current stage of things, on Oct 4th, the 55th anniversary … Continue reading

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mursat1 at Metalab Vienna Metaday #53

Christian Pointner – mursat’s central technical brain – was invited to give a talk in Vienna at Metalab, the Viennese hacklab, to present current and general ideas around our mursat1 and maybe find some collaborators in Vienna. He did get … Continue reading

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Metatalk @ Metalab vienna, Sept 7th 2012

In the series of reaching out to other hacklabs for our ground station network, Christian has taken the possibility to present mursat at the Metalab in Vienna, and give a in depth talk. Join him there!

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Worklab VIII 23. – 26.8.2012

As usual, there are more topics than time. 🙂 mur.sat Dongle 0.2 Elektronic of Satellite Bus Documentation Telemetry beacon Balloonvideo. meeting with Richie and Maru thursday, 2pm work on open things (faq, folder) make a plan for “Non-Newtonian Characters”

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Funcube dongle satellite fishing station, the new engineering model and ballon video compositions for the Interpenetration Festival 2012

The 7th worklab is coming to an end. We have been further experimenting with the Funcube Dongle to do satellite fishing, will post the software combi package asap. The highlight was definitely Peter Zurk’s presentation of the new renderings of … Continue reading

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