Somewhen in the (near) future, mur.at will have a pico satellite launched into a low earth orbit (310 km above the surface of our planet). The original set for the satellite itself is a TubeSat personal satellite kit, developed and launched by interorbital systems. Meanwhile the basic ideas have transformed, it has been reenginieered and the information open-sourced, the current information (Software, Hardware and Docs) can be found in the GIT repository.
mur.sat is a joint venture of mur.at, ESC im Labor and realraum.

People collaborating over the years have been:
Martin Breindl (alien productions), Hannes Fiechtner, Richie Herbst, Jogi Hofmüller, Reni Hofmüller, Günther Jernej, Robert Kiendl, Takashi Linzbichler, Norbert Math (alien productions), Henrik Peiß, Ernst Pölzler, Christian Pointner, Heimo Ranzenbacher, Eva Stern, Dominik Schmid-Philip, Andrea Sodomka (alien productions), Patrick Strasser, Bernhard Tittelbach, Erik Unger, Peter Venus, Marian Weger, Peter Zurk

Please visit the project homepage at sat.mur.at for further information.

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