mursat1 is an ephemere performer.

He/she/it will act out different layers of action and hear, see, test, send, receive and perform. And understand the orbits and space around earth as public space.

mursat1 will take pictures of itself, invent and reinvent herself again and again. A mobile-phone-camera will take these selfportraits.

With its IDM – Impact Detection Module mursat1 will listen into space and transmit its collisions with matter, a low-tech particle detection on basis of a piezo microphone. Inspired by Kirk Woellers, the idea was taken over by Hannes Fiechtner und Christian Pointner, who are building their own quick response sound card. There is probably not much material around, but it also not empty. And we are not talking about the over 3000 artificial satellites and debris (= trash) that cycle around the planet.

mursat1 will count its working cycle, another layer of self awareness. Orbit About The Polywave by GX Jupitter-Larsen.

mursat1 is open to encounters. On its outside it will have an Alien-n-counter Counter.

LIS – Led in Space by Hannes Fiechtner will allow anybody with Internet access to trigger one activity in orbit: switch on the light inside mursat1.

Going to my homeplanet by Leo Kreisel-Strauss sends some meteor’s dust to the orbit and will transform mursat1 in a Fluchthelfer – an escape agent.

mursat1 will transmit the final condensate of art radio broadcast the last kilobyte of their transmission in the EBU-satellite-network of state radios, Vapor Trails of Europe by alien productions.

mursat1 will host Wahrnehmende der Weltenklänge by artist Eva Stern, and transmit wishes of children, that she has been gathering during the workshops she realized with kids, with support by Reni Hofmüller.

S/he/it will facilitate space travel for all – Poor People’s Space Travel, taking a hair of you to the orbit. We will publish the form of how to deliver it here, once we know how to realize it.


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