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Satellite fishing at Videotage, cattle depot, Hong Kong

Spreading out our sensors over the region, we luckily also got in touch with Videotage, Ellen Pau, Rachel Suen, Pesce Pace and again a new bunch of really interesting people. Videotage 錄映太奇 is Asia’s Media Art Organization since 1986. Of … Continue reading

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At dimension+ in Hong Kong

dimension+ is one of those spaces you want to know about when you live in Hong Kong and are interested in electronic art, building stuff yourself and having some people around who are interested in these things as well. We … Continue reading

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Satellite Crossing Concert

It took 10min and 54sec for Yaogan 7 to cross over Taipei. Pei-Yuen, Jogi and I played as long as it was metaphorically speaking somehow in our range. Here you can hear, how Digeridoo, Pd and Antenna signals go together. … Continue reading

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Pd Satellite Orquestra Taipei

Imagine, you never used Pd before, and also didnt know anything or at least not much about satellites – then you are in the same situations as our participants in the 2012 Playaround Workshop Series, held at Taipei National University … Continue reading

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WorkLab IX Thursday, November 15th to Sunday, November 18th, 2012

And again working on long lists of open things.

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