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satellite listening on Schlossberg, Graz, 29.5.2011

The first tryout was fun, because we talked with a lot of people about what we are doing there; but we didnt really hear anything, the receiver or the cable or the antenna? We tried to catch amateur radio satellites, … Continue reading

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reflections on “orbitando satelites” in Gijon

When Joanna Griffin asked me for the first time (will have been on monday, the first day, so the … let me think…9th), why i am interested in satellites, and what i was doing in gijon, i said something like: … Continue reading

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mursat @ Orbiting Satellites

Orbiting Satellites From the 10th to the 14th of May 2011 the Plataforma Cero of LABoral in Gijon/Spain welcomes an international meeting to critically and artistically investigate satellites, that fundamental, often occult, sign of our times. mursat joins the team … Continue reading

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preparations for the testballoon start

On Friday, 29th of April, Maren and Reni met to discuss possible material preparations that should be ready for the day when we start our test ballon. We picked up ideas from our last team meetingĀ  and talked about a … Continue reading

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