We do a 4weekly radio show on the local community radio Radio Helsinki, 92.6 FM if you are in Graz, or via stream



The topics we touch are all linked to our findings, research, experiments and people we meet on the way. We talk about art, technical details, launch plans, we listen to satellites and their beacons and make interviews.
Dates, details and recordings of the show in our wiki: radio program

If you want to re-broadcast the show, please visit the Cultural Broadcasting Archive or download it from our wiki radio program

Reni Hofmüller did a radio art piece on ARISSAT-1, the amateur radio satellite that was put in orbit directly from the ISS; the piece called “Life and Death of ARISSAT-1” was produced for the community radio art network, RADIA.FM

Jogi Hofmüller, Bernhard Tittelbach and Reni Hofmüller were guests in the Radiocolleg from Ö1, ORF, in Summer 2011.
Peter Venus, Marian Weger, Norbert Math, Jogi Hofmüller and Reni Hofmüller did the Sonification pieces at musikprotokoll 2011, that then were broadcast in Zeitton, Ö1, ORF, on octovber 13th 2011.
For recordings of these broadcasts, please contact ORF, we are not allowed to publish these recordings here.

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