satellite listening on Schlossberg, Graz, 29.5.2011

satellite listening The first tryout was fun, because we talked with a lot of people about what we are doing there; but we didnt really hear anything, the receiver or the cable or the antenna?

We tried to catch amateur radio satellites, such as FO-29, SO-50, AO-27.

This first attempt was also just to see how we can actually do that on the Schlossberg.

more fotos

Reni, at the steel plate with the encrypted message from 1991, ArtSatOn Schlossberg, at the steel plate from the ArtSat transmission 1991, by the Austrian artist Richard Kriesche; the encrypted greeting message from the first Austrian astronaut Franz Viehböck, welded into the plate by a welding robot.

We met some amateur radio friends at the Schlossberg and already agreed on repeating the session with more and diverse equipment.

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