satellite building at NMS Fröbel

On Friday, 10th of June 2011, Eva, Patrick and Reni (all from the mursat team), went to do a workshop at NMS Fröbel, with a group of young, interested kids to learn about satellites, exchange ideas, what satellites look like, where they are, what they could do.
wolfgang, eva, patrick and a satellite

Together with their teacher Wolfgang, we jumped into building our own ones.

With all sorts of material from computer trash to packaging material, we used everything that was inspiring, took things apart, and talked about wishes and ideas, what the satellites should be capable of doing. The starting material would mostly be considered trash, for us it is our raw material, and quite a lot of it comes from Computerklinik, thanks a lot!

We have some, that can smell
olfactory satellite






and we even have one with a moving piece!
turning satellite

want to know how the others look like?
here are some fotos, and we will also show them
at the space center, once the satellite flys.

more fotos

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