Transmittance research and performance 26th August 2011, 9pm

During the third worklab, we had been looking more deeply into the possibilities of interpretation of satellite data into art.
Among the ideas that came up already in the preparation, our guests from Ljubljana – Maja Delak and Luka Princic – had expressed their interest in integrating our findings into their realtime online performance set.
luka princic - maja delak
Maja is a performer and dancer, Luka is a soundartist and programmer. With transmittance, they throw their capabilities into a pool and develop pieces together, sometimes also in collaboration with other artists.

And this is what they did! Congratulations!

If you want to know more about transmittance and upcomming developments, have a look!

Here a short excerpt of the live chat on Friday, 26th of August at 9pm, that accompanies transmittance performances. Online audience can chose out of a set of given choices which module of the performance should be realized next.

[20:59] on the left side [of the online interface] you can see the list of choices
[20:59] we would like to take your suggestions, slowly, as
we will go about 10 minutes with each
[21:00] we’ll go with the flow
[21:01] anyone can propose any item from the list on the left.
[21:02] we are open and ready. you can influence on the
flow of things.
[21:02] some of our parameters are already controlled with
data from the positions of some satellites
[21:02] some of this you can already hear
[21:04] i suggest: sound of invisible man
[21:04] ok
[21:04] first come first served
[21:04] here we go with “sound of invisible man”

[22:16] in the stream you see our
manipulation of the image… real time Pure Data patches
[22:17] the sounds (how it is coming in and
out, right this moment, the frequency) are controlled by latitude and
longitude of some satellites

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