Symposium on Small Satellite Programmes for Sustainable Development

From September 13 to 16 2011 the United Nations together with ESA and the Austrian Government held the third (and last)  Symposium on Small Satellite Programmes for Sustainable Development at the Space Research Institute in Graz/Austria.  This year’s focus was set on Implementing Small Satellite Programmes:  Technical, Managerial, Regulatory and Legal Issues.

Almost 100 people – scientists, engineers, students – from more than 40 countries followed the invitation.  The MURSAT1 team took the oportunity and made many connections to professionals in the field.  We also had the chance to present MURSAT1 at the symposium and were delighted by the positive feedback from many of the participants.

It came as a surprise that things utterly normal and logical (for us) never occured to people who dedicated most of their professional career to satellites.

To our great surprise we could contribute our own ideas.  Especially when it comes to sonification and visualization of satellite data our input was appreciated.  On the other hand we received a lot of advice on how to overcome existing problems regarding design and limitations of MURSAT1. All in all the Symposium was an inspiring event!

The final report – which will be presented to the United Nations General Assembly – will be published at the Symposium Website towards the end of 2011.  At the same location one will be able to find all the presentations given during the Symposium as well as a lot of further material on participant’s satellite projects.

On behalf of the entire team I thank all of the organizers and participants for welcoming us at the Symposium and for respecting our project.

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