Exhibition “Covered Skies”, opened on 4th of May 2012

A coincidence in 2009 played the announcement of IOS, Interorbital Systems, in our hands. This small company, based in the USA, enables us to construct our own pico satellite and launch it into orbit for about € 6.000,- And suddenly – sending a satellite comes into our reach. And we start formulating our own questions. If we have the confidence to build it ourselves. What it should do. Who usually defines this. What is already up there flying around. Reflecting upon technologies, usage of technologies and their sociopolitical impacts. Enquiring – how do things work, how can they be made publicly available, the space above us is public space. We reclaim this space. And here we have our meeting point with others, in our attitudes, strategies of acting, joy of experimenting and curiosity. We claim the “outer” space as “public” space, in which other projections, wishes, concerns, desires, purposes and undertakings of different matter have authority and entitlement.
The launch itself has been postponed and postponed, and this is the norm in satellite life.
So we decided to set up an exhibition with various art projects: some that have evolved around ourt worklabs, such as Coallision, 2011/2012 by Jogi Hofmüller, and in caelum by Peter Venus and Marian Weger, and others that have already existed before, like From the Distance by Heimo Ranzenbacher and Fränk Zimmer, or Vapor Trails of Europe by alien production, also from people involved in the mursat1-developping.
And then there is a series of other works, by Bruno Vianna (A little satellite, and The ionic fountain), and El Naufragio de los Hombres, by Charly Nijensohn.

Come to ESC im LABOR to see!
Open until 30th of June 2012

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