Satellite Sonifications at ICAS/ECAS @MUTEK 2012

If you are in Montreal, Canada, come and meet us at one of our talks or workshop units!

We are two of the mursat-team, Jogi Hofmüller and Reni Hofmüller, who were invited to be at the MUTEK-festival, as one of the musikprotokoll’s input to the ICAS/ECAS festival network.

All events are free of charge, but you’ll have to register at the MUTEK site.

On Monday, 28th, in the afternoon, the first input is a 15 minute condensed overview of the mursat-project in the best-practice panel about Tools for an unknown future, and a first glance into what will happen in the workshop.

On Thursday, 31st of May, we give a more indepth view of our work:
ICAS/ECAS Presentation: Satellite Sonification





If you want to know, what the little red square on Jogi’s T-Shirt means, read his blog.

And on Friday, 1st of June and Saturday, 2nd of June, we’ll work with satellite sounds, (fieldtrip on friday), and sonification of Satellite position data called TLE (Two Line Elements, as we get them from into OSC (OpenSoundControll) at the Monument Nationale (hacking on saturday), our workshop location.
Please come and meet us in one of the ocasions or get in touch with us otherwise; we are interested in all sorts of cooperations and collaborations.

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