Satellite Sonification with OSC in python, Workshop ICAS/ECAS @ Mutek, June 2nd 2012

Soon after we knew we were going to launch our own little satellite into orbit, we started thinking about how to make mursat1 and its flight accessible to others. We wanted to come up with a set of diverse interpretations of the fact that this and many other satellites are travelling above us.
About a year ago I was invited to a one week worklab in El Laboral, Gijon, by Pedro Soler, under the poetic title ot “Orbitando satelites”; he brought together an amazing group of people from different fields, among them David Pello. He wrote a software, that would allow to use the TLE-data used in Gpredict to be filtered through OSC and therefore be handable in a big range of software used to generate sound and music like PureData.

After experimenting with this software, we found that the CPU-load due to the grafical presentation in Gpredict was very high but unnecessary for what we wanted to do. So Jogi came up with the idea to leave out the step via Gpredict and go to the TLE-data directly. He wrote this in python and is using it now for his own work Coallision, Peter Venus and Marian Weger use it in their installation in caelum.

explaining the structure of the OSC python module

explaining the structure of the OSC python module

This is what we showed to our workshop participants to share the possibilities. We are already looking forward to getting to know their results and outcomes. You can find it here:

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