AIRFLOW premieres at Interpenetration Festival Graz 13. – 15.12.2012

Sonifications of a video from a weather balloon flight – we have had this idea since long and now it is ready and we premiere the 23 pieces at the Interpenetration Festival Graz 13. – 15.12.2012 in forum stadtpark graz.

The background: we want and actually we need to test the communication module that will be installed on mursat1 to be sure that it does what we want it to do. The best way to do this is to mount it on a weatherballoon, because we can retrieve the hardware after the flight. Equipped with a special GPS-transmitter that has a broader range than normally (more than 10km), it can be found after landing back on earth. We got the video recording from July 2011 leaving Graz, from OE6XAD, Transmitter Dobl with special support by Hubert Tschugmell, OE6THH and Christian Lammer, OE6LCF.

Richie Herbst, Maru and I came up with a system: we cut the video in 23 snipets and offered them to about 30 musicians to be inspired by the imagery and sonmify them. This is the list of participants.

AIRFLOW in chronological order

  • Lift Off – Reni Hofmüller
    Difference Engine Air – Alien Production
    L’Apesso – Patrizia Oliva
    #04 – Anna Kropfelder
    AirSinKing – Neuf Meuf
    The sunny side is up. – rain in milan
    no music for a dancing nomad – Adam McCartney
    la guerra tra le nuvolebis – urkuma
    Balloon09 – Kauders
    LUFT – Stroblak
    Ballon 11 – Lepenik
    Where Is Pixendorf? – Michael Fischer
    #13 – Grit Ruhland
    walking on clouds i feel safe and real – Yulan Yu
    live @ Stockwerk – Styrian Improvisers Orchestra
    We Will Fail – Cherry Sunkist
    ErzHans – Mussurunga
    ballon18 – Jikuuuuuuuuu
    BALLOON NR 19 – Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič
    the bridge – Caroline/Seda
    airflow – Herbst
    rdeca_raketa_ballon – Rdeca Raketa
    ooo-balOOOn – ooo / Höfler
  • The whole video is about 1hour 45min. You can find more details on the production procedure here:

    Hopefully see you at Interpenetration!

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