Satellite Fishing At Kleylehof

satellite fishing preparations

Preparing the satellite fishing workshop at Kleylehof/Nickelsdorf

This year we were invited to give a workshop at the annual reheat festival organized by at Kleylehof/Nickelsdorf.  The topic was satellite fishing and that’s what we did.

We brought our mobile equipment consisting of two laptop computers, a funcube dongle and a handheld antenna.  Softwarewise we stick to qthid for tuning the dongle and quisk to decode the signals.

We were unlucky in getting beacons from various amateur radio satellites (and the ISS) this day.  But when the NOAAs started to arrive we got some pretty good readings from their APT transmitters.  And this time we did manage to decode a data stream and got our first image from NOAA 15, decoded by using the free version of wxtoimg.

NOAA 15 image

First image from NOAA 15 weather satellite

Thanks to OZ9AEC’s blog we finally managed to feed a correctly formated sound file to wxtoimg and got rewarded by the image above.  Since nobody cares to mention the basic facts I do it here:  set your decoder to AM and try to get a clear signal.  Then follow OZ9AEC’s instructions on howto prepare the sound file before feeding it to wxtoimg.

It was great fun to be at reheat!  Once you manage to find Kleylehof you just let go and enjoy the spot.  The people are super friendly and the festival is a cool place to be.  Despite the occasional drizzle and falling temperatures it was nice to be outside all of the time and see all the different performances and installations.  Go to the reheat 2013 image gallery for an impression and be sure to save the date for next year!

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