Lex mur.sat

On July 19 2011 a draft for a new law was presented to the Austrian Parliament.  The law-to-be is titled “law for the permission of space activities and the creation of a space register”.  We are inclined to call this “lex mur.sat” for several reasons.

Part of the draft text is a one to one copy of an email sent to us by the FFG in order to register mur.sat1 with the united nation’s office for outer space affairs (see paragraph 10.1.).  The accompanying text not only mentions the possibility of “future private space activities”;  it also quotes the price of a TubeSat including launch costs.  IOS built TubeSat is the basis for mur.sat1.

To get a copy of the draft as well as the accompanying text (both only available in German), go to the Austrian Parliament Website and download the texts in PDF format.

A review of lex mur.sat was published in the space review today (December 12 2011).

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