Looking for ARISSat-1

On wednesday, 3rd of August 2011, the ARISSat-1 will be set free into orbit, on the 30th/31st of July the crew of the ISS realized some tests, and we were there.

arissat-1 above grazOn  Sunday, 31st of July round 9am local time, the ISS realized the 24 hours signal testing of the new amateur radio satellite.

The software used to track satellites is called GPredict.

A few of us went to try and capture signals from ARISSat-1, and we were successful!

Recording of the pass round about 10.30 local time:

Mode V Digitalker (Voices Messages and Telemetry): Non-Operational Downlink 145.9500 MHz FM


One might think, this has become normal, to wait for a satellite to appear in the reception range of one’s station – but, hey, this is still exciting!

We were sitting at the Clubstation of the Graz Radio Amateurs, in Inffeldgasse.
Listening Team:
Reni Hofmüller, Jogi Hofmüller, Christian Pointner, Patrick Strasser

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