ARISSAT is gone



Yesterday afternoon, on the 4th of January, we had the last contact with arissat, the radio amateur satellite that was launched from ISS on 3rd of August 2011, we had watched it – or lets say, tried to watch it – from ESC.

live from ISS 2.1.2012 watching the ISS watching earth

There is a live video stream from ISS, which you can watch always; they have 2 different cameras, so depending what they do, the switch to one of them. On 3rd of August, we could follow all actions by the Russian cosmonauts , see
ARISSAT watching at ESC

Anyhow –  we heard ARISSATs telemetry yesterday afternoon in Graz, and when I tried it again today, there was only noise…very sad…

trying-to-catch-arissat20120104If you go to

you can see the details of contacts with satellites, and also the quality of signal reception. Last time of contact from our side was, when Arissat was flying about 180km above earth; usually LEO satellites orbit in about 300 – 350 km heigt, the ISS is currently at 400km. It is still in the list of satellites from Gpredict, but I guess, it has already burnt in the atmosphere.

mursat1 will probably start its orbiting travel in 310km height once it is really up there, which at the moment seems to be in late sumemr 2012. We’ll see.



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